Axel Springer And OpenAI Forge Pioneering Partnership

Axel Springer partners with OpenAI, allowing AI training with content from its media outlets for a significant annual fee.

How are AI models trained?

In a groundbreaking move, Axel Springer, a major German publisher, has entered into a unique agreement with OpenAI. This deal, a first in the media industry, involves allowing the use of content from its notable outlets like Bild, Politico, and Business Insider to train artificial intelligence models.

Landmark Agreement Details

Axel Springer's deal with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, signifies a major development in media and AI integration. The German publisher will provide OpenAI access to its news content, helping to advance generative AI technologies capable of creating human-like text, images, and code. In return, Axel Springer is set to earn tens of millions of euros annually. This collaboration also includes near real-time access to news stories, enabling current and accurate AI responses, supplemented with links to the original content. An initial one-off payment for historical content will be complemented by an ongoing annual license fee, reportedly in the eight-figure range.

Axel Springer building
Axel Springer, Germany's leading publisher, reported a revenue of 3.9 billion euros in 2022 (Photo: Wolfram Steinberg)

Impact On Global Media And AI Industries

This agreement represents a substantial shift in how large media companies interact with AI technology creators. It addresses concerns about the potential disruption AI poses to the media industry. Axel Springer's CEO, Mathias Döpfner, emphasized the aim to explore AI's potential in enhancing journalism's quality, societal relevance, and business model. This deal positions Axel Springer as the first global publishing group to explicitly acknowledge a publisher's role in contributing to AI advancements.

Discussions And Challenges In Media-AI Relations

The agreement follows discussions between major AI developers like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, and news executives from leading publishers, highlighting the challenges in integrating AI into media. Media executives, including News Corp's CEO Robert Thomson, have voiced concerns over AI's threat to intellectual property and traditional news consumption models. The deal with OpenAI represents a strategic move by Axel Springer to create a new revenue stream from AI, contrasting with the less structured approaches taken with companies like Google and Facebook in the early internet era. This partnership marks a more deliberate and mutually beneficial relationship between publishers and AI developers.

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