Binance Annual Report 2023

Binance's 2023 report highlights its user growth, compliance efforts, and Web3 initiatives, marking a year of significant advancements.

Will Binance overcome its troubles in 2024?

In a remarkable show of growth, Binance welcomed over 40 million new users in 2023, expanding its user base by 30% to reach a total of 170 million. This impressive surge is a testament to Binance's commitment to user-centric development and trust-building. Financially, the platform's prowess was evident, with its Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) crossing the $1.2 billion mark. This financial buoyancy was further demonstrated through its diverse trading options, offering 1785 trading pairs and making 431 assets available for trading, including support for 31 tokens in its Proof of Reserves (POR) system.

Binance logo and coins

Integration Of Social Platforms And Payment Innovations

Binance's adaptation to the social aspects of digital finance was marked by the transformation of Binance Feed into Binance Square, a burgeoning social platform. The creator base on this platform expanded significantly from 1200 to 11000, accompanied by a surge in daily active users from under 700,000 to over 1.6 million. This growth in social engagement was paralleled by the expansion of Binance Pay and Gift Card systems, with a 70% increase in Binance Pay users and a 245% rise in Gift Cards sent. The platform's merchant and partner network also witnessed a substantial expansion, growing by over 3500 new entities.

Binance Introduces New Crypto-Bank Payment Service In Latin America
With the “Send Cash” feature, Binance enables crypto transfers directly to bank accounts in Argentina and Colombia from nine participating countries.

Strides In Compliance And Security Initiatives

2023 was a landmark year for Binance in fortifying its compliance and security measures. The platform's expenditure on compliance infrastructure grew by 35% to $213 million, reflecting its dedication to adhering to regulatory standards. Binance's global compliance footprint expanded with licenses and registrations in 18 jurisdictions, underlining its commitment to operating within legal frameworks. Collaborations with law enforcement agencies were robust, with over 58,000 law enforcement requests processed, showcasing its proactive stance on security. On the user education front, Binance Academy and Binance Research played crucial roles in enhancing user awareness and understanding of digital finance, reaching 27 million learners in 31 languages.

Binance desktop app
Confusing at first sight: Beginners should use the Binance Academy.

Institutional Engagement And Embracing Web3

The report underscores Binance's focus on institutional engagement and its initiatives to drive the growth of Web3 technologies. Institutional investors showed a marked increase in participation, with significant inflows and transaction volumes on Binance's platform. The introduction of Binance’s Web3 Wallet epitomized the platform's efforts to seamlessly integrate centralized and decentralized finance, positioning itself at the vanguard of the evolving digital finance landscape.


The 2023 Binance report encapsulates a year of dynamic growth, deepened compliance, and innovative breakthroughs, reinforcing its stature in the digital asset industry. As Binance navigates the complexities of the cryptocurrency domain, it continues to set benchmarks in user engagement, regulatory alignment, and technological advancements, solidifying its role as a catalyst in shaping the future of finance.

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