BlackRock Set To Launch AI Tools For Enhanced Client Services

BlackRock set to introduce generative AI tools in January, enhancing client services and internal productivity.

How is AI transforming asset management?

BlackRock, the $9 trillion asset manager, recently announced the upcoming rollout of generative AI tools in a memo to its employees. These tools, integrated into BlackRock's Aladdin and eFront risk management systems, aim to augment the firm's service capabilities. The technology, which utilizes large language models, will assist clients in extracting vital information from the Aladdin system. This initiative is part of a global trend where companies are increasingly adopting generative AI to innovate and gain a competitive financial edge.

SEC Embraces AI For Monitoring Financial Malpractices
Utilizing AI, the SEC intensifies its vigilance over the financial sector, seeking out fraud and market discrepancies.

Enhancing Interactions And Productivity With GenAI

According to the memo from Rob Goldstein, BlackRock’s Chief Operating Officer, Kfir Godrich, Chief Innovation Officer, and Lance Braunstein, Head of Aladdin Engineering, GenAI is poised to revolutionize client-technology interactions. The technology is expected to not only enhance productivity but also alter client expectations regarding interaction frequency, timeliness, and simplicity.

BlackRock's foray into AI extends beyond client services. The firm is developing tools to aid its investment professionals in compiling financial data and generating research reports and investment proposals. Moreover, a language translator is in the works. January will also see the company begin deploying Microsoft’s AI-enhanced Office 365 productivity software across its operations.

Microsoft’s Copilot AI: A Transformative Technology With A Hefty Price Tag
Microsoft introduces Copilot, a generative AI assistant in its Microsoft 365 suite, marking a significant shift in mainstream software adoption.

AI's Role In Operational Efficiency And Data Security

The application of AI at BlackRock involves generating initial drafts subject to standard quality control. Importantly, all data processed by the AI remains within BlackRock's secure environment, ensuring no sharing with open-access AI programs. The company also envisions using AI to make coding more accessible. Martin Small, BlackRock’s Chief Financial Officer, highlighted at the Goldman Sachs US Financial Services Conference how large language models and automation could scale employee efforts, driving productivity into 2024 and beyond.

Broader AI Adoption in the Financial Sector

BlackRock's initiative reflects a growing trend in the financial services industry. Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo are already utilizing AI-powered chatbots for retail customer service. Similarly, Citigroup is employing large language models to enhance developer productivity and software security, albeit steering clear of customer-facing applications like credit scoring, as stated by CEO Jane Fraser in a recent congressional hearing.

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