Coinbase's Base Network Lays Out Roadmap

Coinbase's Base Network is forging ahead towards a mainnet launch. Upgrades and stringent audits on the horizon, but specific dates remain undisclosed.

Coinbase's Base Network Lays Out Roadmap

Coinbase's Base network, slated to serve as an Ethereum Layer 2 solution built on Optimistic Rollup technology, recently shared its checklist for launching its mainnet. Although the checklist lacks specific timelines, it underlines five key milestones to be achieved before the network can go live.

Path to Base Mainnet
TL;DR: Base is gearing up for a mainnet launch with safety and security as our top priorities. Our launch criteria include demonstrated testnet stability, Optimism’s successful upgrade of Bedrock, and completion of reviews and audits. As a reminder, Base has no plans to issue a network token.

Two of the five prerequisites for the Base network's mainnet launch have already been accomplished. The first requirement was the successful execution of the Regolith hard fork, designed to bolster the network's security concerning deposits. The second requirement was a successful infrastructure review in conjunction with the OP Labs team.

Next on the checklist is the execution of the Bedrock upgrade, promising lower fees, reduced deposit times, and additional upgrades. While Optimism's upgrade is set for June 6, the Base team has yet to announce a date for their own.

The final two criteria include completion of internal and external audits without critical issues and a demonstration of testnet stability. The Base team has refrained from setting definitive dates for these objectives. banner

A Base representative indicated that the network would continue to share its milestones and would reveal a precise timeline in due course.

Speculation abounds about the potential apps that could be built on Base's testnet. The network recently called on developers to build a "flatcoin" for Base's decentralized finance apps and an on-chain reputation system.

However, some industry voices have expressed concerns about Base's approach, highlighting potential privacy issues stemming from the network's centralized "sequencer." In response, the Base team has committed to a gradual transition towards decentralization.

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