CoinSender Facilitates Token Distributions On SKALE

CoinSender makes submitting multiple transactions easy - and with SKALE, there are no gas costs.

SKALE portal image

The DeFi world is filled with both opportunities and challenges for blockchain-powered companies and Web3 organizations. Sometimes, it's the simplest features that can make all the difference. CoinSender has recently partnered with SKALE to simplify cryptocurrency management and revolutionize how organizations handle transactions.

Together, CoinSender and SKALE are able to redefine tokenized asset distribution in DeFi, eliminating barriers like high transaction costs and scalability limitations.

Gas And Complexity: The Enemies Of DeFi Adoption

Decentralized finance offers many advantages, but is not without its problems. The complexities and inefficiencies entailed in tokenized asset distribution have proven a roadblock for many blockchain-powered companies and Web3 organizations. Managing payrolls in crypto, facilitating airdrops, and handling staking and pooling payouts can be daunting tasks. These challenges call for solutions that can streamline and optimize cryptocurrency operations.

CoinSender has emerged as a promising solution to the complexities of DeFi. The dApp allows organizations to manage tokenized assets with ease, efficiency, and confidence. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for seamless allocation of tokens and execution of multiple transaction payments simultaneously.


Thanks to its zero-gas fee model, SKALE completely eliminates the transaction costs that so often hinder DeFi operations. Moreover, SKALE's scalability solutions ensure that CoinSender can handle a high volume of transactions without compromising on-chain speed.

Eduard Miaus, a board member at CoinSender, commented, "CoinSender is breaking the limits of blockchain token operations in the modern day Web3 industry. Launching on SKALE Network, we essentially take our platform to the next level, integrating powerful features like unmatched on-chain speed and an advanced gas-less technology."

The collaboration between CoinSender and SKALE means that CoinSender can offer users seamless, efficient, and cost-effective crypto token management. With zero-gas fees and increased scalability, organizations can now make the most of their tokenized assets without being held back by traditional blockchain limitations.

Learn more about using CoinSender on SKALE.

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