Crypto & Blockchain Events: December 2023

Stay in the loop with the major events of December 2023! From CoinAgenda to World Blockchain Summit, it's another packed month full of exciting discussions, groundbreaking innovations, and networking opportunities.

December offers another packed schedule of conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

What's new and where is there something to learn in the crypto and blockchain world? Here's our latest edition of "Crypto & Blockchain Events", checking out what's coming up in December.

Remember, this is just a small selection of events in the crypto and blockchain space. With greater awareness and adoption, the number of events naturally increases, and we can't list them all...

International Symposium On Blockchain Advancements

  • Date: December 1
  • Venue: Singapore
  • Event type: In-person conference

A pivotal event focused on the latest advances in blockchain technology, attracting industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe.

The International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements - ISBA
The International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements (ISBA) aims to guide the first step in migrating to the digital economy by provoking meaningful questions and discussions that will enable all of us, builders and consumers alike, to cut through the blockchain hype and grasp a realistic view of…

Dakar Bitcoin Days

  • Date: December 1-2
  • Venue: Dakar, Senegal
  • Event type: In-person conference

This event brings together crypto enthusiasts and professionals in Dakar, offering insights into Bitcoin's growing influence in the region.

Dakar Bitcoin Days – Un forum 100% dédié au Bitcoin et se déroulant à Dakar, Sénégal || 2nde Edition – 1er et 2 Décembre 2023

Bitcoin Baden Konferenz

  • Date: December 2
  • Venue: Baden, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

The Bitcoin Baden Konferenz is a conference focused on Bitcoin and its impact on finance and technology. It brings together experts, enthusiasts, and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and regulatory developments.

Bitcoin Baden
Die Bitcoin Baden Konferenz bezweckt die Bewohner der Region Baden an das Thema Bitcoin heranzuführen sowie fortgeschrittene Bitcoiner auf überregionaler Ebene eine Plattform für einen aktiven Ideenaustausch zu bieten. Die Konferenz findet am 2. Dezember 2023 in der Stadt Baden statt.


  • Date: December 4
  • Venue: Venice, Italy
  • Event type: In-person conference

ETHVenice 2023 promises an exciting gathering of expert speakers, creators, and enthusiasts who will delve deep into the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem.

Italian Ethereum Event and Hackathon in Venice

Next Block Expo (NBX)

  • Date: December 4-5
  • Venue: Berlin, Germany
  • Event type: In-person conference

A major conference focusing on blockchain technology and innovation, bringing together industry leaders, startups, investors, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, share insights, and foster collaboration in the blockchain sector.

Next Block Expo - Berlin, 2023 December 4-5
one of the biggest industry events in Europe - brings founders, investors, traders and blockchain experts together to redefine & discover the future of web3.

Friends of the Metaverse

  • Date: December 7
  • Venue: Online
  • Event type: Virtual

This virtual conference will bring together the world’s most influential thought leaders, challenging boundaries and igniting your imagination. From luminaries to visionaries, speakers come from around the globe to share their insights and shape the future of technology.

Friends of the Metaverse - Welcome
Friends of the Metaverse | Bringing together tech leaders to drive innovation and shape the future.

DAO Symposium

  • Date: December 7
  • Venue: Zug, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

The 2023 DAO Symposium is organized by DAO Suisse, in collaboration with the UZH Blockchain Center, CV Labs, and ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. As DAOs evolve from their Ethereum roots to complex entities challenging conventional governance, the symposium serves as a platform to discuss the latest developments in the DAO space.

DAO Symposium 2023 · Luma
Connect, Learn, and Explore at the Forefront of DAOs About this event DAO Suisse is excited to announce the DAO Symposium 2023. As DAOs evolve from their Ethereum roots to complex entities…


  • Date: December 7-8
  • Venue: Las Vegas, US
  • Event type: In-person conference

The annual Unconfiscatable Conference brings together high profile speakers from the world of Bitcoin to discuss the technology with emphasis on scalability, privacy, finance, investing, trading, laws, and regulation.

This will be the ultimate place to learn, listen, teach and network with fellow Bitcoiners, while exposing blockchains that don’t utilize Proof of Work.

Unconfiscatable Conference
Unconfiscatable Conference


  • Date: December 12-13
  • Venue: Narva, Estonia
  • Event type: In-person conference

W3N is a prominent conference focusing on Web3 and AI, embodying innovation and freedom. It features over 30 speakers and 300+ attendees, with sessions spanning two days. The event includes an afterparty and serves as a platform for learning, networking, and exploring the latest in technology.

W3N - Not just a Web3 conference
W3N 2023 Conference in Narva: Where Web3, AI, and digital art converge, fostering global collaboration. Celebrate freedom and innovation at the Edge of Europe.

Global Blockchain Congress

  • Date: December 11-12
  • Venue: Dubai, UAE
  • Event type: In-person conference (closed-door)

This is an exclusive, closed-door event for investors and hand-picked blockchain projects seeking to raise funds. It is the only event of its kind and will bring together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Digital Assets Startups through a series of pre-scheduled and pre-arranged one-on-one meetings.

12th Global Blockchain Congress, UAE, Dubai
AgoraGroup is hosting its 12th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress on December 11th and 12th, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. The Global Blockchain Congress leverages the experience gained through the hosting of the first 11 editions of the event in Dubai and the international editions in Vietnam and the…

CoinAgenda Caribbean

  • Date: December 11-13
  • Venue: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Event type: In-person conference

CoinAgenda Caribbean connects investors, traders, family offices, and funds with top entrepreneurs in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI world.

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2023 - Dec 12-14, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Join the CoinAgenda Caribbean 2023 event from December 12-13. Engage with top blockchain and crypto investors, discover startup and emerging tech opportunities, and expand your network in San Juan. Puerto Rico.

World Blockchain Summit

  • Date: December 13-14
  • Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Event type: In-person conference

This is a thought leadership-driven initiative that brings together the most important stakeholders from the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as investors, blockchain and crypto projects, exchanges, enterprises, government representatives, and technology leaders, to discuss and deliberate upon the future of the industry and the revolutionary ways it can transform businesses and government functions.

World Blockchain Summit Bangkok | Leading Crypto Event | Dec 23
World Blockchain Summit, the world’s largest blockchain & crypto conference is returning to Bangkok on Dec 2023. Join us for this revolutionary event!

This list of upcoming events serves as a guide to help crypto enthusiasts navigate through the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Always ensure you confirm the details of these events with the respective organizers before attending. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, engage in enlightening discussions, and broaden your network. As these events unfold, they will certainly shape the crypto space in fascinating ways, opening doors to new opportunities.

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