Crypto & Blockchain Events: January 2024

Stay in the loop with the major crypto & blockchain events of January 2024! It's another packed month full of exciting discussions, groundbreaking innovations, and networking opportunities.

January offers another packed schedule of conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

What's new and where is there something to learn in the crypto and blockchain world? Here's our latest edition of "Crypto & Blockchain Events", checking out what's coming up in January.

Remember, this is just a small selection of events in the crypto and blockchain space. With greater awareness and adoption, the number of events naturally increases, and we can't list them all...


  • Date: January 10-11
  • Venue: St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

METAVSUMMIT is an event that specializes in helping Web 3.0 companies (Blockchain, Metaverse and NFTs) and investors meet under one roof and establish long-term business relationships.

METAVSUMMIT || The Largest Web 3.0 & AI Event Dubai
Metavsummit is the largest community for Web 3.0 and Metaverse bringing together investors and founders under one roof.

Crypto Finance Conference

  • Date: January 10-12
  • Venue: St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

Application-only event for NFT investors and decision-makers. It admits only 250 international UHNWI, institutional investors, funds, and family offices. The gathering will bring together key opinion leaders, government and institution representatives, the private sector, academia, and decentralized organizations, giving them a platform to share insights, exchange knowledge on topics like digital assets and traditional finance, and build genuine connections.

CfC St. Moritz – Crypto Finance Conference St. Moritz
Highly curated digital assets and blockchain conference for investors and decision-makers, set in the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Web3 Hub Davos

  • Date: January 15-18
  • Venue: Davos, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

The Web3 Hub will embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology, fostering discussions on its impact across industries, economies, and societies.

Web3 Hub Davos
Join us at the Web3 Hub Davos on January 15-18

World Crypto Forum 2024

  • Date: January 15-19
  • Venue: Davos, Switzerland
  • Event type: In-person conference

This event serves as an ideal platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to come together. The event will be hosted in an interactive format where thematic dialogues, roundtables, and networking opportunities abound. The goal is to foster a productive environment where influential voices can exchange ideas and collectively propel the advancement of the Web3 space.

World Crypto Forum

Bitcoin Freedom Festival 2024

  • Date: January 18-20
  • Venue: Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Event type: In-person conference

Bitcoin Freedom Festival is a 3-day festival to explore a Bitcoin lifestyle in a breathtaking tropical setting. The agenda includes daily talks, workshops & group chats about Bitcoin, freedom, Nostr, and spirituality.

HOME | Bitcoin Freedom Fest
Bitcoin Freedom Festival, Costa Rica.

Bitcoin Day Naples 2024

  • Date: January 20
  • Venue: Naples/FL, US
  • Event type: In-person conference

Renowned experts, industry leaders, and successful investors share their knowledge, experiences, and strategies about how, why, and when to invest in Bitcoin.

BitcoinDay Naples, Florida, 01/20/24 — BitcoinDay
Spend a Saturday learning from and networking with Bitcoin and financial experts

Quantum Miami 2024

  • Date: January 24-26
  • Venue: Miami/FL, US
  • Event type: hybrid

Building on the success of the 2023 edition, Quantum Miami provides a platform for the pioneers who risk more than others think is safe … and shines a spotlight on the revolutionaries who dream bigger than others think is practical.

Quantum Miami 2024
From the team behind The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 (TNABC) and Fantom Development Conference 2022 (FantomDC), Quantum Miami is the official (and largest) web3 & blockchain conference of Blockchain Week Miami. Learn about the future of Defi, self-custody, crypto tax law, the importan

Adopting Bitcoin 2024

  • Date: January 26-28
  • Venue: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Event type: In-person conference

Join Adopting Bitcoin for an exciting event in the breathtaking city of Cape Town, South Africa, to explore the unique overlap between Bitcoin and the Parallel Institutions currently being built and deployed here. Local and international speakers will discuss the latest in Bitcoin development, within the context of real-world parallel economies and institutions.

Adopting Bitcoin 2024

Crypto Vision Conference 2024

  • Date: January 27
  • Venue: Makati City, Philippines
  • Event type: In-person conference

This event is a convergence of knowledge, featuring expert insights and networking opportunities designed to propel you into the forefront of the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

Home - Crypto Vision
January 27, 2024 (Saturday) in Makati, Philippines Crypto Vision Conference Philippines 2024 Get Tickets About This Event Welcome to the Crypto Vision Conference 2024! Join us as we “Decrypt the Crypto Market Outlook for 2024”. This event is a convergence of knowledge, featuring expert insights and networking opportunities designed to propel you into the forefront

This list of upcoming events serves as a guide to help crypto and blockchain enthusiasts navigate through the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Always ensure you confirm the details of these events with the respective organizers before attending. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, engage in enlightening discussions, and broaden your network. As these events unfold, they will certainly shape the crypto space in fascinating ways, opening doors to new opportunities.

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