Crypto & Blockchain Events: November 2023

Stay in the loop with the major CryptoEvents of November 2023! From AdoptingCrypto to Binance Blockchain Week, it's again a packed month full of exciting discussions, groundbreaking innovations, and networking opportunities.

November offers another packed schedule of conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

What's new and where is there something to learn in the crypto and blockchain world? Here's our latest edition of "Crypto & Blockchain Events", checking out what's coming up in November.

Remember, this is just a small selection of events in the crypto and blockchain space. With greater awareness and adoption, the number of events naturally increases, and we can't list them all...

World Blockchain Summit Dubai

The World Blockchain Summit is a leading global platform dedicated to fostering the growth and adoption of Web3 technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. It connects a diverse group of stakeholders, from entrepreneurs to regulators, and has been hosted in over 10 countries with more than 30,000 attendees.


Synopsis is a large-scale international summit and a crypto industry gathering that delves into a wide array of blockchain, Web3, metaverse, GameFi, NFT, and other crypto-related topics. It's suitable both for industry pros and those who are newer to crypto and blockchain tech.

Synopsis 2023 only online.

Cardano Summit 2023

A global event for anyone interested in blockchain technology. Led by the Cardano Foundation, it brings the Cardano Community together. The summit also welcomes everyone wishing to join the Cardano ecosystem or curious about how Cardano's blockchain technology is being used.

NFT San Francisco

The NFT San Francisco plans to bring together a diverse collective of NFT artists, investors, and entrepreneurs. The conference is back and fully embracing a theme of diversity, innovation, and community.

NFT Art Work

Adopting Bitcoin

El Salvador is the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, making it the ground-zero for global Bitcoin adoption.

This novel situation presents both the challenge of onboarding users and the opportunity to learn from them, benefiting the entire ecosystem, from protocol and application developers to entrepreneurs, investors, and the many communities around the world that followed Bitcoin Beach's example by establishing circular Bitcoin economies.


This year's NEARCON invites over 5,000 delegates to delve into the potential of an open web through blockchain technology. The conference will feature a range of talks from prominent figures including authors, economists, and artists, among others. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the Blockchain Operating System, network with international community members, and even participate in a hackathon with a chance to win over $180,000 in prizes.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul

This year's Binance Blockchain Week aims to explore how blockchain and cryptocurrency can bring financial empowerment to a billion more people worldwide. The event offers a distinctive platform for learning and networking, featuring exhibitions and practical workshops focused on business building and successful project launches in the blockchain sphere.

Binance Blockchain Art

Dutch Blockchain Week

The DBW23 will host a blend of physical and hybrid events. Besides the physical event of BCNL at ASML, they will also have dozens of ecosystem events all over The Netherlands during this week! Join fellow change makers, professionals, entrepreneurs, governments, corporations, regulators and other enthusiasts in the field. 

ETH Istanbul

ETHGlobal Istanbul gathers leading intellectuals and specialists in the Ethereum ecosystem in Istanbul for an intense 36-hour event. The occasion furnishes participants with a wealth of Web3 resources, including mentors, partnerships, and software, to create something remarkable. While sleep might be optional, innovation is mandatory.

World Token Summit

WTS 2023 is an exclusive crypto-focused event for understanding global developments in the digital tokens space. This two-day event will bring together founders, emerging crypto exchanges, crypto projects, and blockchain enthusiasts to deliberate on the unique perspectives and vast opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This list of upcoming events serves as a guide to help crypto enthusiasts navigate through the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Always ensure you confirm the details of these events with the respective organizers before attending. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, engage in enlightening discussions, and broaden your network. As these events unfold, they will certainly shape the crypto space in fascinating ways, opening doors to new opportunities.

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