Elvis Presley Revived For Live Performances By AI Technology

AI brings Elvis Presley back for live performances, blending technology with the King of Rock and Roll's legacy.

Is it possible to recreate musicians with AI?

Layered Reality, a British immersive entertainment company, has embarked on an innovative project to resurrect the legendary Elvis Presley for live performances using artificial intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking initiative, named "Elvis Evolution", leverages AI and holographic technology, marking a significant milestone in entertainment technology.

Layered Reality™ | To help you discover amazing experiences
Combining the latest in performance technology with live actors and feature quality sets, Layered Reality experiences are “the future of entertainment” according to Culture Whisper.

A Journey Through AI And Holography

The "Elvis Evolution" experience is designed to immerse fans in a virtual journey through the life of Elvis Presley. By harnessing thousands of personal photos and home videos, the project creates a holographic projection of Elvis, offering audiences an experience that spans from his origins in Mississippi to his iconic Las Vegas performances. The pinnacle of this experience, according to Layered Reality CEO Andrew McGuinness, is an AI-rendered "live" performance of Elvis. Set to premiere in London in November, the show will subsequently tour cities like Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo, showcasing this technological marvel.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley: A record-breaking 1.4 billion+ albums sold.

Resurrection And Creation

This initiative by Layered Reality is not an isolated case in the entertainment industry's exploration of AI. In November 2023, Universal Music Group released what was deemed the Beatles’ "last song", using AI to recreate John Lennon’s vocals. The trend extends beyond resurrecting past legends; contemporary artists are also embracing AI. Grimes, a notable musician and producer, announced in April 2023 her intention to share royalties with AI creators using her vocals, launching elf.tech, a program for legally replicating her voice.

Hollywood's Stance On AI Replication

The integration of AI in entertainment has sparked considerable debate, especially in Hollywood. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists' strike, lasting 118 days, centered around negotiations on AI replication. The eventual agreement set terms for the creation and use of digital replicas of performers. Despite this progress, concerns linger in Hollywood about AI replication's impact on employment and the control over one’s digital likeness.

Hollywood Writers’ Guild Reaches Deal Over AI
A new model is needed to take into account the way AI is trained and original authors are compensated.


The project "Elvis Evolution" exemplifies the burgeoning role of AI in reviving legendary artists after their deaths, and creating new forms of entertainment. While this technological advancement offers exciting possibilities, it also prompts critical discussions about the ethical implications and the future of creative industries in an AI-driven era. As AI continues to blur the lines between reality and digital replication, the entertainment world stands at the cusp of a new, uncharted age of innovation and creativity.

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