Five Crypto Market Analysts You Should Follow

There are a lot of analysts clamoring for your attention in the crypto world, but few are worth listening to...

Who are the most reliable and informative analysts in the crypto space?

The crypto world is full of analysts and influencers, most of whom will lose you money in one way or another if you act on their advice. The overall quality of analysis is terrible, with many untrained and inexperienced individuals giving financial advice and hugely unrealistic price targets, both to the upside and downside. Some of these (especially the larger accounts) have further had their opinions corrupted by "partnerships", which means little more than being paid to promote a new coin or opportunity.

Fortunately, there are a few diamonds in the coal face, if you know where to look. Here are five of the ones we like—and we weren't paid to endorse these.

Bob Loukas

Loukas is a position trader who uses cycles to trade bitcoin and other assets, as well as a Web3 entrepreneur and investor. He makes much of Bitcoin's four-year cycle, and produces a popular series of videos called the Four Year Journey. It's very sane and measured, with detailed and realistic analysis.

Loukas aims to trade the full four-year cycle, buying close to the bear market lows and selling as close to the peak as possible, while recognizing that hitting both perfectly is impossible and unnecessary. He therefore buys and sells infrequently, and puts an emphasis on doing nothing at the right time. Unlike so many analysts, he's been around for years, and doesn't disappear when the going gets tough. In fact, the hard years are when his content is arguably most valuable, since these are the buying opportunities that so many people pass up.

Loukas's basic videos (and of course tweets) are free, but he has a paid service too.

Michael And Jason Pizzino

We'll give you a two-for-one with the Pizzino brothers, a couple of Aussies who cover the TradFi markets and crypto. Like Loukas, they specialize in sane, data-driven analysis. You won't find any moonboy talk, but equally, they're very good at avoiding the ultra-bearish outlooks too.

Michael and Jason both use Gann Analysis and the 18-year real estate cycle to understand the markets. They focus on both medium-term and long-term opportunities, taking into account shorter-timeframe movements within the overall cycle. Both are good at looking past the hype and fear of mainstream news coverage and narratives, and understanding the reality of what's happening in the markets. As such, they've been successful in gauging good buying and selling opportunities. For example, they were longing stocks and crypto throughout 2023, despite continual warnings from the "experts" about recessions and crashes. Like Loukas, their regular (almost daily) videos are free, but there's a paid service too.

Ben Cowen

Cowen has become a popular fixture in the crypto world, with his Into The Cryptoverse series. He's big into looking at crypto's history to understand what it might do next. He puts out a range of content, looking at different aspects of the markets, key price zones of interest, optimal portfolio construction, cycle ROI, and much else besides.

There's less in the way of prediction, more in the way of data, so if you're a data nerd who loves getting into the weeds, it's great way to take a deep dive into all kind of weird and wonderful metrics, whether or not they might give you an edge in your trading.

James Seyffart

There are many great analysts and commentators we could have chosen in the crypto world. Seyffart, however, is particularly noteworthy at the moment as one of the few people with a helpful take on the spot ETF (Eric Balchunas being another). He's a Bloomberg analyst who has a detailed understanding of ETFs, and the complex processes entailed in designing them, applying to the SEC and going through to approval, and finally launching them. His thoughtful takes have provided some great insight into a world that few people would otherwise understand. He's also good at clarifying the implications of what's going on behind the scenes, and busting myths put out by other analysts who, sadly, don't know what they're talking about but feel the need to say it anyway.

Crypto Savy

Finally, we have to include a permabear. While there are still a few in the crypto space, "Savy" stands out as someone who really does not know when to quit. While he managed to call the last top pretty well, he's been bearish ever since. As such, he's missed out on a 200% bull run (which he characterizes as a "bear market rally"), swearing that BTC will collapse back to $10k or even $3k very soon.

Savy is the crypto equivalent of Jim Cramer. He's worth listening to just for entertainment purposes, and as the perfect example of someone who ties themselves up in knots when their primary thesis fails. He's a salutary reminder of the dangers of being wedded to a narrative, and not changing your mind even when reality screaming that you're wrong. Just don't trade based on his advice...

This list includes only a handful of accounts worth following (whether for information or fun). There are many others. If you feel strongly about one we've missed out on, let us know!

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