Gemini Restricts Election AI Queries

Google are concerned their Gemini AI platform will be used to create misinformation.

Will AI play a significant role in influencing forthcoming elections?

The ease with which text, image, and video content can be created by AI potentially poses a major threat to democracy. As the world gears up for major elections in the UK, US, and India this year, Google has taken measures to prevent the creation and dissemination of AI-generated misinformation.

World Unprepared For AI Impacts In Biggest Ever Election Year
AI has the potential to end democracy as we know it - starting next year.

Google's Gemini AI is similar to OpenAI's well-known ChatGPT chatbot. Recognizing the risks of allowing anyone to generate content that could be used to mislead and influence voters, Google has instigated a new policy in India, where elections are due to be held next month. We can reasonably assume that the same policy will be rolled out to other locations if it proves effective.

Using AI To Fight Election Abuse

Gemini will now have restricted capabilities in handling election-related inquiries, aligning with Google's broader approach to elections announced last year. A Google spokesperson clarified that the restriction is a precautionary measure due to the number of important elections being held in 2024.

Blog post screenshot

Despite these limitations, Gemini will continues to provide detailed responses on Indian politics, while deflecting questions about other countries' elections. The company will also use AI to complement teams of local experts in providing further context to content, and fighting abuse.

With recent advances in our Large Language Models (LLMs), we’re building faster and more adaptable enforcement systems that enable us to remain nimble and take action even more quickly when new threats emerge.

The development reflects growing concerns over misinformation stemming from generative AI, prompting governments to consider regulatory measures. In light of recent incidents, including inaccuracies in generated images depicting historical figures, Google has responded rapidly by pausing the Gemini tool to address concerns.

Google Halts AI-Generated Images Of People Amid Diversity Concerns
Google addresses diversity backlash by pausing its people-generating AI, Gemini, promising improvements.

While Google is taking a proactive approach to the spread of misinformation, it comes at the potential cost of censorship and centralization, as the company decides the narrative that is communicated. This contrasts starkly with Elon Musk's recent commitment to open source Grok, allowing anyone to use and build on it, no matter what they want to do.

Musk To Open Source Grok Amid OpenAI Legal Battle
Musk’s move to open source Grok could ultimately mean that control over powerful AI models is lost.

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