Is Anti-Crypto Liz Warren In Trouble?

Pro-crypto John Deaton is running against Warren, and he has a powerful message.

Is it the end of the road for Elizabeth Warren?

Senator Elizabeth Warren not only hates crypto. She has made it a key plank of her reelection strategy, attempting to mobilize an "anti-crypto army" to take on what she perceives as the forces of darkness. But now, she has a challenger—and she appears to be rattled.

Who Is John Deaton?

Warren was right. Yesterday, Deaton tweeted that he was running for Senate.

Deaton's first campaign ad details his humble beginnings in Detroit, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood and "real poverty". "I got beat up—but I fought back," he says. "My motto became: 'No fear, and never give up'."

The only one in his family to graduate high school, Deaton "made it out", working his way through college and law school. He joined the Marines, and is open that he struggled with addiction, cancer, and debt.

In his law practice Deaton, now a family man, tells the camera he fought for the little guy, taking on big corporations and insurance companies, and winning. Then it was the turn of the Washington insiders, and he won there too.

Deaton's mission now is to continue this work from the Senate, taking on the drug and insurance companies from a new vantage point to win better and more accessible healthcare; working with the different sides to solve the migrant crisis; fighting inflation; improving opportunities for children.

Then there's the corruption and career politicians in Washington. Deaton demands term limits for those who have forgotten who elected them.

Elizabeth Warren comes in for special treatment. Having promised to be a champion for those in need, instead "she gives lectures and plays politics and gets nothing done for Massachusetts".

Good Vs Evil

Deaton's ad doesn't mention crypto, but Warren's plea for money does. She claims the crypto lobby has put a target on her back, and well she might. Her crusade against crypto has been rabid, her tactics underhand. For this reason and many others, it's time for a change. Deaton pitches his campaign as a battle between the elite and entitled, on the one hand, and grassroots, ordinary hard-working people, on the other. He makes a virtue out of overcoming his mistakes, and knows the struggles of his constituents because he has lived them himself.

It's a simple narrative and Deaton's appeal is one that Warren, from her ivory tower, will struggle to overcome.

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