Crypto & Blockchain Events: June 2023

Stay in the loop with the major CryptoEvents of June 2023! From ETH Belgrade to BLOCKCHANCE 23, it's a packed month full of exciting discussions, groundbreaking innovations, and networking opportunities.

Crypto & Blockchain Events: June 2023

Miami's Bitcoin 2023 might be over, but there's no shortage of blockchain-related events this month. REX Wire has curated a selection of the most inspiring and exciting conferences and meet-ups for June.

Ethereum In Focus: ETH Belgrade

  • Date: June 2-7
  • Venue: MTS Dvorana, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Event type: In-person conference and hackathon

As part of the Belgrade Blockchain Week, ETH Belgrade aims to serve as an interactive ground for industry insiders to discuss, understand, and discuss ideas on Ethereum's possibilities, contributing to the overall growth of the ecosystem.

Blockchain Extravaganza: Prague Blockchain Week 2023

Spread over ten days, Prague Blockchain Week 2023 is an assortment of independent crypto-focused events. With a dynamic schedule featuring 33 events and 343 international speakers, the week encompasses conferences, hackathons, workshops, meetups, parties, and more.

Gaming and Blockchain: iGaming Germany 2023

iGaming Germany 2023 is a key event for those who want to make their mark in the German iGaming sector. The conference is an arena for top gaming operators, service providers, and investors to decide the course of the iGaming industry in Germany and Europe.

Fintech Forum: Money20/20

Money20/20, a global event series, fosters innovation in the financial and payment sectors. For a decade, this event has been a common ground for established fintech experts and emerging financial technology companies to resolve industry issues and ideate solutions.

NFT Enthusiasts Meetup: Non-Fungible Conference

The Non-Fungible Conference is an avant-garde Web3 event attracting the global NFT community. With over 200 artists and NFT sector leaders, it expects to host double the number of attendees from the previous conference, with over 5,000 visitors.

Latin American Blockchain Scene: Blockchaincon Latam

Blockchaincon Latam, a three-day conference, provides a stage for eminent experts, developers, and innovators to shed light on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading, DeFi, smart contracts, Web3 initiatives, NFTs, Metaverse, and artificial intelligence.

Deciphering the Web3 Space: Web3 Berlin

Web3 Berlin, an annual event dedicated to the Web3 ecosystem, serves as a crucial platform in Europe for knowledge exchange and discussions surrounding NFT and cryptocurrencies. Developers, industry experts, and executives are invited.

Tech Innovations at WMF

We Make Future (WMF) is a festival of technology and digital innovation. It centers around technological, digital, and social innovations, AI's societal impact, and its future applications.

iFX EXPO: The Financial Bazaar

  • Date: June 20-22
  • Venue: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Event type: In-person exhibition

iFX EXPO is the world's largest annual financial B2B exhibition. It brings together online trading, financial services, and fintech professionals to discuss various industry-centric topics like technology adoption, liquidity, and financial sector development.

Fintech's Impact: FinTech Connect North America

FinTech Connect North America is a gathering of major financial corporations, FinTech companies, and the commercial sector. It focuses on Web3, blockchain, DeFi's global impact on finance, banking business model evolution, and corporate payments.

Japan's Crypto Conversation: IVS Crypto 2023

Japan’s premier conference, IVS Crypto 2023, offers a platform for Web3 business representatives, investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts to deliberate on regulatory issues, share ideas, and network.

Blockchain Economy: BLOCKCHANCE 23

  • Date: June 28-30
  • Venue: Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Event type: In-person summit

BLOCKCHANCE 2023, one of Europe’s leading blockchain gatherings, expects about 7,500 attendees, along with more than 250 speakers and 200 exhibitors from around the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to delve into the global blockchain economy, engage with industry frontrunners, and understand the potential of blockchain technology.

This list of upcoming events serves as a guide to help crypto enthusiasts navigate through the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Always ensure you confirm the details of these events with the respective organizers before attending. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, engage in enlightening discussions, and broaden your network. As these events unfold, they will certainly shape the crypto space in fascinating ways, opening doors to new opportunities.

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