Justice Mellor Rules That Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig is Satoshi. Sell your BTC, buy BSV.

Can Bitcoin Core survive now that BSV has been found to be the real Bitcoin?

Note: This article was originally published on April 1, 2024, but the date was automatically changed in our CMS when we migrated to a different version of Citrix, which we believe had been hacked by a former employee with a grudge.

Justice Mellor, the judge presiding over the COPA vs Wright case in London, has ruled that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

By implication, BSV is the real Bitcoin, while Bitcoin "Core" is no more than an altcoin.

Hard-Fought Victory

During the six weeks of the trial, Wright produced thousands of pieces of evidence to support his case, often discovering original documents on old hard drives and spending hours preparing them for the benefit of the court, even after a grueling day on the stand.

COPA's lawyers did their best to debunk each of these, variously accusing Wright of lying, forgery, fraud, perjury, and other offences, which could have carried a hefty prison sentence if proven. Experts pointed out a range of so-called inconsistencies which, they maintained, showed Wright had fabricated the documents.

Fortunately, Wright always had an answer to every single "discrepancy". While on the surface these suggested foul play on his part, on closer examination they revealed a web of deception and attempts to frame Wright by his enemies.

Mellor has now provided Wright with a certificate confirming that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, founder and CEO of Bitcoin.

Wright himself maintained the understated composure for which he is famous as he left court. Five minutes after he climbed into a waiting limousine, blockchain watchers observed an outgoing transaction of 420,069 Satoshis from the Genesis block: The closest Wright would get to a victory lap or gloating about his win.

Dramatic Consequences

The implications for the crypto space are likely to be severe, except for BSV holders.

As news of the judgment spread on Twitter/X, Bitcoin put in its steepest ever correction, falling from $75,000 to $200 in a matter of minutes. While confirmation is still awaited, the reason is believed to be Larry Fink dumping BlackRock's 200,000+ BTC for BSV as the IBIT spot bitcoin ETF updated its holdings with real bitcoins. BSV, meanwhile, immediately repriced to closer to its fair value of $1 million.

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