Landmark SKALE Chain Pricing Vote Passes

Chain pricing will begin at $3,600 per chain per month, rising with overall network utilization.

The vote approves a sustainable business model for the high-throughput network.

SKL token holders and validators have passed a landmark proposal to set a model for SKALE Chain pricing—paving the way for a long-term, sustainable future for the hybrid L1/L2 network.

SKALE vote screenshot.
The vote passed the threshold comfortably and unanimously.

Bootstrapping Growth

Like many blockchain platforms, SKALE has effectively bootstrapped growth by subsidizing validators using block rewards. In SKALE's case, this strategy has proven highly successful, and the network now supports an average of 1 million transactions per day.

SKALE stats dashboard
SKALE's zero-gas approach supports high-throughput applications.

As SKALE reaches this threshold of maturity, the community has turned its attention to maintaining profitability for network validators, while ensuring sufficient flexibility to keep costs down for chain owners. Unlike other blockchain platforms, SKALE Chains are pre-purchased by dApps and other services, while transactions are free for end users. Service providers can recoup their costs however they choose, opening the way for a range of different business models.

The success of the vote means that the new chain pricing structure will start from January 1, 2024.

Pricing Details

In the newly-approved model, chain pricing will start at $3,600 per SKALE Chain per month, paid in SKL tokens, with payments being made on the Europa Hub. Chain payments can be made in advance for up to two years, allowing chain owners to lock in a favorable price if they choose.

As utilization of the SKALE network increases, so does chain pricing. Price per chain will rise to $46,000 if the network hits 50% utilization. (This will not impact chains that have locked in a price with pre-payment.) The idea is that this would incentivize the creation of more network nodes, since running a node would be more profitable, thereby leading to reduced overall network utilization. Chain pricing increases further to $84,000 per chain per month if the network hits 70% utilization, making adding a new node to the network even more attractive.

Initially, chain payments will be distributed 100% to validators, with a vote later in 2024 to decide whether a percentage should go to other ecosystem stakeholders.

For more information and to join the discussion, check out the SKALE forum.

Enhancing the Evolution of SKALE Chain Pricing and Moving into Network Growth Phase 2
SKALE is an open source, community driven project with a huge vision to bring the power of Ethereum to hundreds of millions if not billions of people. This is a big, audacious goal that relies very critically on the network’s ability to grow with sound and sustainable economics. This also means that the economic strategy must be strategic and tailored for each phase of network growth. SKALE’s core architecture lends itself to elasticity and flexibility in terms of both capacity and economics. Th…

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