Legal Expert Weighs In On Possible Outcomes For Ripple Vs SEC Case

Legal expert Jeremy Hogan outlines three possible outcomes for the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, suggesting that the SEC faces an uphill battle with limited favorable choices.

The SEC is in a difficult position following multiple defeats.

Prominent lawyer Jeremy Hogan, known for his insightful analysis of the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit, has recently released an exhaustive outline of potential outcomes in the continuing legal tussle. Hogan gained notoriety for his YouTube video updates where he analyzes the complexities of the case.

Hogan suggests that the SEC is in a tough spot following recent judicial developments, including a denied appeal. The agency can only appeal after the case concludes, a moment that seems increasingly distant.

The Long Road Ahead For SEC

The first possible route Hogan envisions is a drawn-out trial aimed at Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen, with a trial date set for April 2024. Hogan warns that this could expose the SEC to public scrutiny and delay any appeals until 2025. Even after that, Hogan believes an appellate ruling might not emerge until 2026. If the SEC wins on appeal, more legal procedures could ensue, pushing the final resolution to as late as June 2027. Hogan humorously gives this a 39.456% chance of occurring.

The Settlement Route

In a second likely scenario, Hogan speculates that the SEC might choose to settle with individual defendants before seeking a judgment against Ripple Labs. Although he sees this as the SEC's best strategy, he expresses doubt that they'll opt for it. Opting for a settlement could speed up the legal process by nearly a year. Following this, the litigation would focus on determining legal remedies, stretching the case into 2026. Hogan assigns this a 32.113% likelihood.

The All-Inclusive Settlement

The third pathway Hogan explores involves the SEC choosing a sweeping settlement that includes both Ripple and the individual defendants. He suggests that such a settlement could be negotiated in a court-mandated conference, although he remains skeptical given the SEC’s previous reluctance to compromise. Hogan states that a complete settlement would be beneficial for the SEC, allowing it to claim a victory while collecting penalties. He gives this scenario an 18.987% chance of coming to pass.

Hogan also acknowledges the potential for unexpected outcomes, attributing them an 8.675% chance. In his concluding remarks, Hogan suggests that the SEC faces a challenging situation with no easy solutions.

At the time of publication, the price of XRP is $o.513.

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