Legal Experts Spearhead Fight Against Cybercrime

Specialist lawyers are increasingly vital in combatting cybercrime, recovering funds, and setting legal precedents.

How are companies enhancing protection against cyber attacks?

In a strategic shift in cybersecurity defense, companies besieged by cyber attacks are now increasingly turning to specialized lawyers. These legal experts assist in tracing stolen funds, negotiating with hackers, and sometimes pursuing court action to reclaim assets. With cyber attacks, particularly those involving cryptocurrencies, on the rise, these lawyers are at the forefront of a new kind of legal warfare. The value of illicit cryptocurrency transactions surged to $20.6 billion in 2022, according to Chainalysis, underlining the growing scale of the problem.

Bridging Law And Cyber Forensics

Faced with the complex, international nature of hacking, firms are tapping the expertise of cyber crime legal specialists. These professionals straddle the line between legal negotiation and forensic investigation. Notably, hostile state-sponsored groups, such as North Korea’s Lazarus Group, have emerged as significant threats in the cryptocurrency hacking arena. In a landmark case in November 2022, US law firm King & Spalding secured a legal victory for Google against Russian operators of the Glupteba botnet, which was used for a range of criminal activities, including cryptocurrency mining and fraud. This case, adjudicated by US district judge Denise Cote, set a new legal precedent, signaling a robust judicial stance against such cyber threats.

The Turning Tide In Cyber Law

The role of these specialist lawyers extends beyond litigation to include the recovery of stolen assets. The decrease in funds extorted through ransomware attacks, from $766 million in 2021 to $457 million in 2022 as reported by Chainalysis, is partly attributable to these efforts. Cases like the recovery of stolen funds for UK-based Euler Finance by US law firm Morrison Foerster illustrate the effectiveness of this legal approach. The involvement of lawyers in these cases is not just about retrieving funds but also setting legal precedents that could reshape the landscape of cybercrime and its deterrence.

Crypto Crime Declines In 2023 But Ransomware Still Casts Its Shadow
As revenues from crypto crime plummet, the menacing rise of ransomware attacks and “big game hunting” still casts a shadow.

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