Mastercard And MoonPay Collaborate To Dive Deeper Into Web3

Mastercard joins forces with MoonPay, emphasizing the exploration of Web3 tools to elevate experiential marketing and create innovative consumer engagement strategies.

Mastercard And MoonPay Collaborate To Dive Deeper Into Web3

Mastercard, the global payment giant, is further delving into the world of cryptocurrencies through its recent alliance with the crypto payment platform, MoonPay. This collaboration, officially announced by MoonPay on Oct. 25, aims to explore the potential of Web3 tools in enhancing experiential marketing and discovering novel avenues to engage with Mastercard's user base.

MoonPay joins forces with Mastercard
Mastercard will soon incorporate additional Web3 technologies into their experiential marketing efforts.

Announcement At Money20/20

The partnership was publicized at the renowned Money20/20 event in Las Vegas by Keith Grossman, MoonPay's enterprise president, and Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard's chief marketing and communications officer. Grossman, in a LinkedIn post, mentioned, “Mastercard will take advantage of MoonPay’s entire Web3 portfolio, including auth to minting to ETHPass and more as well as work closely with our agency, Otherlife, for strategy, creative and front-end dev work for their experiential initiatives”.

Keith A. Grossman on LinkedIn: #money2020 | 24 comments
Today at #Money2020, Raja Rajamannar and I had the honor of announcing a major partnership between Mastercard and MoonPay to utilize the Web3 tools that both… | 24 comments on LinkedIn

Reception And Responses

The news garnered positive reactions from industry professionals. Adam Polansky, overseeing Web3 marketing at Mastercard, expressed his gratitude and excitement for the forthcoming endeavors. Similarly, Elizabeth Taylor, a partnership executive at Mastercard, voiced her enthusiasm about the alliance's future prospects.

Mastercard's Ongoing Crypto Endeavors

Even though Mastercard has yet to make an official statement about this partnership, their increasing involvement in the blockchain and crypto sector is evident. Their recent endeavors in 2022 include launching a program that empowers banks with crypto trading capabilities through a collaboration with Paxos. Furthermore, the firm has also joined forces with Coinbase and MoonPay to integrate its payment solutions into the Web3 and non-fungible token realms.

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