Unpacking Messari's Analysis On SKALE's Q3 2023 Performance

SKALE's Q3 2023 performance shows a meteoric rise in daily transactions and user engagement, driven by Exorde, Calypso, and Nebula.

SKALE has experienced incredible growth in Q3

It's been a packed quarter for the SKALE network, which continues to push the boundaries of blockchain scaling and adoption. Here are some of the highlights from the last three months.

Q3 Overview

SKALE Network turned heads this quarter with exponential growth in several sectors. Calypso, an NFT hub, and Nebula, a gaming platform, reported QoQ increases in daily addresses of 20,500% and 22,900% respectively. Across all SKALE chains, average daily transactions rose by 241%, largely fueled by the Web3 protocol Exorde.

In other news, a governance proposal aims to shift SKALE's revenue model by implementing chain pricing.

SKALE key metrics overview

Financial Landscape

Despite experiencing an 11% QoQ dip in SKL token market cap to $104 million, SKALE is recalibrating its financial strategies. While developers have traditionally covered transaction fees, a new proposal aims to charge $3,200-$4,100 in SKL tokens per chain monthly. The move could help reverse SKALE's negative trend, where validator operations have consistently outstripped revenues by $11,000 to $50,000. Governance changes are afoot too, aiming to optimize economic parameters such as subscription fees and inflation rates.

SKALE financial overview

Technical Framework

After its V2 upgrade in Q2 2022, SKALE has operated as a L1 sidechain with interoperability features, governed by Ethereum smart contracts. It targets gaming and retail sectors, bolstered by SKALE Labs and the Network of Decentralized Economics. New updates promise memory optimizations and increased stability with a primary focus on ZK-rollup capabilities coming in Q4.

Network Analysis

SKALE's key platforms revealed explosive growth in usage metrics. Notably, existing chains experienced a 241% QoQ uptick in average daily transactions. Security remained robust with 53 validators and 123 active nodes, while token staking increased 2% QoQ, amounting to 2.5 billion SKL. Developmental initiatives include memory optimizations, increased stability, and the promising Levitation and SKALE Ganymede updates set for Q4.

SKALE Network Overview

Ecosystem Deep Dive

  • Exorde: Dominated with a 932% QoQ growth focusing on sentiment analytics.
  • Nebula and Calypso: Became epicenters for gaming and NFTs with Calypso benefiting from Untitled Platformer and Nebula from CricketFly.
SKALE daily transactions per SKALE chain
  • DeFi via Ruby Exchange: Spearheads the Europa Hub, the central liquidity hub with a TVL of $535,000. It operates under a 3/5 multisig security model and has facilitated $13 million in trade volume since its inception.
SKALE ecosystem overview
  • Strategic Moves: Recent launches like the SKALE Ecosystem Accelerator Program (SEA Program) indicate a long-term focus on ecosystem development.


SKALE Network is riding a wave of high growth, with user metrics across its key platforms showing remarkable QoQ increases. The governance proposal could be a game-changer, solidifying its revenue model and providing the means for sustained expansion. Upcoming tech upgrades, including the ZK platform Levitation and SKALE Ganymede, could further bolster its ecosystem, making SKALE a name to watch in the coming quarters.

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