Microsoft Teams Launches 3D And VR Meetings

Microsoft Teams introduces immersive 3D and VR meetings, leveraging Microsoft Mesh for virtual collaboration.

How does Microsoft Mesh work with Teams for VR meetings?

Microsoft has officially launched immersive 3D meetings within Microsoft Teams, leveraging its mixed reality platform, Microsoft Mesh. Previously in preview, Mesh is now fully integrated into Teams, enabling users to convene in virtual spaces, with or without a VR headset. This integration marks a significant step in enhancing virtual collaboration capabilities.

Enhanced Virtual Interaction With Spatial Audio

The 3D Mesh meetings, optimized for VR headsets, currently support Meta's Quest devices. These virtual meetings offer an impressively realistic spatial audio feature, allowing private conversations by moving away from others in the virtual environment. Additionally, customizable 3D spaces enhance user engagement, featuring activities like bean bag tossing and icebreaker questions for remote team members.

Microsoft Mesh: From Standalone Platform to Teams Feature

Initially trialed nearly three years ago, Microsoft Mesh's integration into Teams represents a strategic evolution of the platform. While Mesh continues to serve as a development platform for VR/AR experiences, its incorporation signifies a shift towards becoming a feature within the collaboration tool. This move aligns with Microsoft's vision of future virtual meetings, as first articulated with the introduction of Mesh.

Business Adoption And Future Outlook

Despite the innovative technology, questions linger regarding widespread business adoption. Companies like Accenture, BP, Takeda, and Mercy Ships are current users of Mesh, but they represent only a small fraction of Teams' daily user base. Microsoft Teams business plans will include standard Mesh features, with custom immersive spaces requiring a Teams Premium license. The integration may increase Mesh's utilization, but its trajectory seems to be merging into a Teams-specific feature rather than remaining a distinct platform.

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