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In today's roundup, we give our regular Monday market overview. While stock indices are hitting all-time highs, corporate bankruptcies are also on the rise. Coinbase's legal battle with the SEC grinds on, while FTX's liquidators have drawn criticism from the exchange's former users. AI is drawing attention as a potential risk to economic stability, and we take a look at the pros and cons of 2FA.

Surge In Corporate Bankruptcies Amid Economic Shifts

Corporate bankruptcies are rising sharply across advanced economies, with the US and EU witnessing significant increases. This trend is attributed to higher borrowing costs and the end of pandemic-era support. Sectors like transportation and hospitality are among the most affected, with future economic impacts anticipated.

Surge In Corporate Bankruptcies Amid Economic Shifts
Global corporate bankruptcies surge as high interest rates and reduced COVID-19 aid impact businesses.

December 18 REX Wire Market Outlook

The new trend of a weakening dollar has been established, and major stock indices are making all-time highs as a result. Crypto continues to correct, following eight consecutive weekly green candles.

December 18 REX Wire Market Outlook
Crypto is not following other risk assets higher, instead putting in a much-needed correction.

AI Tagged As A Potential Risk To Financial Markets By US Regulator

The US Financial Stability Oversight Council has flagged AI as a potential risk to financial markets, a first in its annual report. This follows warnings from key regulators about AI's growing role and the need for regulatory oversight to prevent financial crises, alongside other risks like climate change.

AI Tagged As A Potential Risk To Financial Markets By US Regulator
FSOC labels artificial intelligence a key risk in finance, signaling heightened regulatory focus on AI’s market impact.

FTX Liquidators Draw Former Users' Anger

Huge bankruptcy fees are eating into the exchange's assets. Moreover, liquidators propose to value customer balances at the time that bankruptcy was declared, even though they are selling the crypto at multiples of this.

FTX Liquidators Draw Former Users’ Anger
There’s a growing sense that liquidators do not have FTX’s users’ best interests at heart.

Debunking Security Myths: The Truth About 2-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is essential for online security, particularly in banking. While enhancing security, 2FA is not foolproof against threats like phishing. Contrary to belief, 2FA doesn't always need two devices; it can use knowledge and biometrics on one. Despite adding complexity, its benefits in preventing unauthorized access are significant, especially when correctly implemented.

Debunking Security Myths: The Truth About 2-Factor Authentication
Understanding 2-Factor Authentication: Enhancing digital security beyond passwords and PINs.

The SEC claims that existing rules provide enough clarity for crypto businesses. Coinbase has already challenged the decision in court.

Coinbase’s Legal Action Against The SEC Continues After Rulemaking Petition Denied
The SEC claims existing laws cover the crypto sector adequately.

Financing Christmas Part 1: Consumer Spending

Christmas spending reveals key economic trends: A surge in e-commerce, robust traditional retail sectors, and a shift towards experiential spending, alongside diverse regional patterns, reflecting its significant global economic impact.

Financing Christmas Part 1: Consumer Spending
Exploring how digital trends and regional variations shape Christmas spending and its impact on the global economy.

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