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In today's roundup, the Rothschild family's influence permeates modern finance, politics, and culture, while the spirit of Christmas boosts philanthropic activities, shaping wealth management and community impact. Meanwhile, financial advisors face a game-theoretical dilemma over incorporating bitcoin into investment strategies.

Financing Christmas Part 3: The Christmas Spirit In Action

The Christmas season sees a rise in philanthropy, with individuals and corporations boosting donations. This period influences wealth management and tax planning, reflecting in increased contributions to charities and significant community impacts.

Financing Christmas Part 3: The Christmas Spirit In Action
Exploring the surge in Christmas philanthropy, from individual generosity to strategic corporate giving.

The Rothschilds Part 4: Legacy In Modern Times

The Rothschild legacy spans finance, politics, and culture, influencing mergers, emerging markets, and the arts. Their strategic philanthropy shapes global policy, while their patronage preserves cultural heritage.

The Rothschilds Part 4: Legacy In Modern Times
Exploring the Rothschild family’s enduring legacy in modern finance, politics, and culture, highlighting their global influence and adaptability.

Finance 101: Templeton's 16 Rules For Investing

John Templeton's rules are largely a matter of common sense, but following them could give traders and investors a significant edge over the competition, in the pursuit of building long-term wealth.

Finance 101: Templeton’s 16 Rules For Investing
John Templeton was one of the 20th century’s most successful investors.

Bitcoin: The Game-Theoretical Endgame For IFAs And Institutions

Financial advisors may come under increasing pressure to recommend allocating funds to bitcoin, due to the broad awareness and interest in crypto, both from customers and other advisors.

Bitcoin: The Game-Theoretical Endgame For IFAs And Institutions
As more and more institutions and advisors allocate funds to bitcoin, those who refuse to join them will risk being left behind.

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