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In today's roundup, trading patterns signal a bull market through higher lows, even against negative news. The spotlight turns to China's shadow banks, operating with minimal regulation, yet pivotal to the economy's health. Additionally, the concept of superintelligent AI emerges, promising unparalleled solutions but posing profound ethical and control challenges.

Trading 101: Higher Lows

One of the clearest signs of a bull market is a succession of higher highs, and higher lows. When these higher lows occur on negative news, that's particularly bullish.

Trading 101: Higher Lows
The trend is your friend until the end - but you have to understand what the trend actually is, and how to spot its end.

What Are China's Shadow Banks?

These organizations operate separately to the conventional financial sector, and are subject to less regulation. The failure of large shadow banking institutions could have serious implications for the wider economy.

What Are China’s Shadow Banks?
China’s shadow banking sector offers less-regulated financial services - and higher levels of risk.

AI 101: Superintelligent AI

Superintelligent AI, exceeding human capabilities, promises solutions to complex problems but raises significant ethical and control challenges. It remains theoretical, demanding careful, responsible development and alignment with human values.

AI 101: Superintelligent AI
Superintelligent AI, surpassing human intelligence in all aspects, poses both profound benefits and ethical challenges.

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