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In today's roundup, we check out how well Binance has fared over the past year, despite its extensive troubles. Apple faces serious problems in the coming year, while Web3 gaming has a solid foundation to build on. The first gold ETF may not provide a helpful parallel for understanding the impact of the forthcoming BTC ETF. And billions of dollars worth of Covid drugs are going to waste in Europe.

In 2024, Apple faces crucial legal and regulatory decisions in the US and EU, threatening its $85bn services business. Key issues include a US antitrust trial against Google and adapting to the EU's Digital Markets Act, with potential impacts on App Store operations and revenue.

Apple Navigates Legal And Regulatory Challenges In 2024
Apple confronts major legal challenges in 2024, with US and EU decisions poised to impact its services business.

2023: A Landmark Year For Blockchain Gaming's Evolution

Blockchain gaming in 2023 witnessed a surge with titles like Parallel, Illuvium, and Shrapnel making significant strides. These games introduced unique gameplay and NFT integration, setting new standards in the industry. The year marked progress but also highlighted the need for further development in blockchain gaming.

2023: A Landmark Year For Blockchain Gaming’s Evolution
Blockchain gaming moved beyond its P2E roots last year.

Gold Is Not A Roadmap For BTC ETF

A spot bitcoin ETF is something with no realistic parallel in the history of finance. While Bitcoiners are fond of using the first gold ETF as an analogy, the circumstances are actually very different, for a variety of reasons.

Gold Is Not A Roadmap For BTC ETF
The comparison between gold and bitcoin is only superficially meaningful.

Europe Faces $2.2 Billion Loss In Expired Pfizer Covid Drugs

Over $1.1 billion worth of Pfizer's Paxlovid expired unused in Europe due to restricted access, with total losses potentially reaching $2.2 billion. This contrasts with wider availability in the US, highlighting challenges in pandemic drug management.

Europe Faces $2.2 Billion Loss In Expired Pfizer Covid Drugs
The expiry of Paxlovid in Europe represents a costly case of underutilization.

BYD Challenges Tesla's Dominance In The EV Market

China's BYD reports record sales of 526,000 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, challenging Tesla's dominance. With a global market share neck-and-neck, BYD's surge signals a potential shift in the EV industry leadership.

BYD Challenges Tesla’s Dominance In The EV Market
BYD closes in on Tesla, potentially becoming the new leader in electric vehicle sales.

Binance Annual Report 2023

In 2023, Binance saw a 30% increase in users, reaching 170 million. Financial growth included a $1.2 billion SAFU fund and expansion in trading options. The platform enhanced compliance, spending $213 million, and embraced Web3, attracting institutional investors and launching the Web3 Wallet.

Binance Annual Report 2023
Binance’s 2023 report highlights its user growth, compliance efforts, and Web3 initiatives, marking a year of significant advancements.

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