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In today's roundup, we take a look at the risks that money laundering poses to USDT's stability. MiCA legislation is coming into force, with implications for European crypto businesses. With ETF approval around the corner, we take a look at possible downsides, and suggest a few analysts worth following.

Tether's USDT is increasingly used in illegal activities, affecting its exchange rates. The situation presents the potential for money laundering and risks for financial stability, calling for enhanced regulatory measures and market awareness.

Navigating Tether’s Exchange Rate Dilemmas
Tether’s USDT faces challenges in illicit transactions, impacting exchange rates and raising money laundering concerns.

Five Bitcoin ETF Warnings

While ETF approval is likely going to be a net bullish development, it won't all be positive. There are various ways in which ETFs might cause problems of one kind or another.

Five Bitcoin ETF Warnings
While an ETF should be a net positive for the space, there are downsides to consider too.

The Rothschilds Part 6: Unraveling The Myths

Debunking Rothschild Conspiracy Theories: Analysis shows the Rothschild family's supposed global financial control and political manipulation are myths, with their influence and wealth not matching the scale of contemporary global corporations and political structures.

The Rothschilds Part 6: Unraveling The Myths
Unraveling Rothschild conspiracy theories, from global financial control to New World Order myths.

Five Crypto Market Analysts You Should Follow

The crypto space is packed with low-quality analysts and moonboys with unrealistic predictions, but in among the garbage there are a few jewels who offer genuine value.

Five Crypto Market Analysts You Should Follow
There are a lot of analysts clamoring for your attention in the crypto world, but few are worth listening to…

Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), the European Union's 2024 crypto regulation, introduces stringent compliance requirements, addresses the treatment of stablecoins, and aims to have a global impact on the industry, shaping its future.

Navigating MiCA EU’s New Crypto Regulatory Landscape
MiCA, the EU’s groundbreaking crypto regulation, brings clarity and potential challenges to the crypto industry.

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