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In today's roundup, Tether joins the new ETFs as a major purchaser of BTC. Donald Trump has vowed not to allow a CBDC to launch if he becomes president, though his return would bring wider uncertainty for the independence of the Fed. UK retail sales have plummeted to lockdown levels, and Congress has signed a bill to prevent another shutdown.

Trump: No CBDC On My Watch

Donald Trump has promised to protect the freedoms of Americans by making it a campaign pledge that a CBDC will not be created if he becomes president.

Trump: No CBDC On My Watch
Central Bank Digital Currencies have become an election issue for freedom-loving Americans.

Bitcoin ETF Flows: The First Week

While GBTC has been hemorrhaging bitcoin, net flows are firmly positive as the other nine ETFs are accumulating huge amounts of BTC.

Bitcoin ETF Flows: The First Week
The nine new Bitcoin ETFs have included some of the most successful ETF launches of all time.

UK Retail Sales In Shock Fall

Retail sales fell by 3.2% in December, the largest amount since the COVID lockdowns at the start of 2021, raising the possibility of a recession in the UK.

UK Retail Sales In Shock Fall
The UK experienced a mild economic contraction of 0.1% in Q3 2023, and the country could potentially be in recession now.

Trump's Potential Return: Implications For The Fed

Donald Trump's possible return as President brings uncertainties for the Federal Reserve. While the Fed is supposedly independent, his past comments on interest rates and inflation, combined with the potential to influence Fed appointments, could impact monetary policy.

Trump’s Potential Return: Implications For The Fed
Trump’s potential return to the White House raises concerns about the Federal Reserve’s autonomy and future monetary policies.

US Congress Approves Bill To Prevent Government Shutdown

US Congress has approved a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, extending funding until early March. The move paves the way for negotiations on a $1.66 trillion budget and discussions on Ukraine aid and border security, amidst political complexities and potential GOP opposition.

US Congress Approves Bill To Prevent Government Shutdown
US Congress passes a bill to prevent a government shutdown, focusing next on Ukraine aid and border security.

Cohere Seeks Up To $1 Billion In New Financing

Cohere, an AI startup founded by ex-Google scientists, is negotiating a funding round of up to $1 billion to enhance its large language model technologies. Last valued at $2.2 billion in June 2023, Cohere's focus on enterprise customers sets it apart in the competitive AI market, dominated by firms like OpenAI.

Cohere Seeks Up To $1 Billion In New Financing
AI startup Cohere is in talks to raise up to $1 billion, aiming to expand its large language model technology for enterprises.

Tether Continues To Load Up on BTC

The stablecoin giant's latest purchase of 8,888 BTC makes it the 11th largest holder. Holding over $90 billion in bonds, Tether is earning billions of dollars in annual revenues as interest rates remain high.

Tether Adds 8,888 BTC To Strategic Reserve
Tether is earning almost $5 billion per year on its bond portfolio.

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