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In today's roundup, the UK's new nuclear power plant will be years late and tens of billions of pounds over budget. MtGox might finally be gearing up to reimburse creditors. Grayscale has a good reason for keeping its fees high, Netflix and Apple are positioning to retain their dominance, and we take a look at the difference between mining and running a full node.

MtGox To Begin Payouts Soon

Almost 10 years since the world's largest bitcoin exchange collapsed, MtGox's liquidators have been confirming addresses for payouts, raising the possibility that customers might finally receive a share of the coins that were recovered after the organization closed down.

MtGox To Begin Payouts Soon
Customers will still be up around 1,000% in fiat terms, despite losing over 80% of their BTC.

What Is Grayscale Playing At?

GBTC has seen over 100,000 BTC in outflows, but the math of keeping their fees at 1.5% is sound. Many users will be trapped by high capital gains, unwilling to take the tax hit entailed in selling to switch to a better option.

What Is Grayscale Playing At?
Grayscale knows that even if their AUM is cut in half, 1.5% on ten billion dollars is a whole lot more money than 0.25% on $20 billion.

Apple's Strategic Foray Into Generative AI

Apple is actively expanding its AI capabilities, having acquired 21 AI startups since 2017, including WaveOne in early 2023. The company's focus is on integrating generative AI into iPhones, with advancements in hardware and AI-focused job postings indicating a shift towards on-device AI processing.

Apple’s Strategic Foray Into Generative AI
Apple intensifies its AI initiatives, acquiring 21 startups since 2017 and focusing on on-device generative AI for iPhones.

Netflix Surpasses Expectations With Subscriber Growth

Netflix adds 13 million subscribers in Q4, hitting 260 million globally, a 13% increase. Operating income rises to $1.5 billion, marking recovery from 2022's subscriber loss. The company forecasts robust revenue growth and plans to expand its advertising business and content quality, while not pursuing conventional sports streaming rights.

Netflix Surpasses Expectations With Subscriber Growth
Netflix defies expectations, gaining 13 million subscribers in Q4 and reaching 260 million globally.

UK's Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Faces New Delays And Soaring Costs

Hinkley Point C, a key part of the UK's energy plan, faces delays until 2029 and cost increases to £46 billion. EDF cites complexities in construction as the cause, amid broader industry challenges like labor shortages and financial pressures for future nuclear projects.

UK’s Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Faces New Delays And Soaring Costs
The completion of Hinkley Point C nuclear plant has been delayed to 2029, with costs potentially soaring to £46 billion.

Running A Full Node Vs Mining: What's The Difference?

Full nodes act as communication hubs, relaying legitimate transactions to the network and blocking invalid ones. Miners ensure network security, and add new transactions to the blockchain.

Running A Full Node Vs Mining: What’s The Difference?
Ever wondered about the difference between running a full node and mining bitcoin? Look no further.

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