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In today's roundup, FTX customers may be getting their money back, sort of. It's a good week for Big Tech, with Meta paying its first ever dividend and Amazon's revenues soaring. And we bring you an end-of-week roundup of crypto news from Ruby.Exchange.

FTX Creditors May Be "Fully" Refunded

Customers of the bankrupt exchange may receive back all of the money they lost, but there's a catch: Payouts will be in fiat, to the value of their crypto in November 2022, when markets were capitulating.

FTX Creditors May Be “Fully” Refunded
Those who lost funds when FTX collapsed may get their money back - sort of.

Meta's Dividend Debut: A Strategic Shift In Tech Investment

Meta introduces a dividend, paying $86 billion to shareholders with a $50 billion buyback. This strategic move aims to bolster confidence as it navigates challenges in AI and the metaverse, marking a significant shift in tech investment norms.

Meta’s Dividend Debut: A Strategic Shift In Tech Investment
Meta announces its first-ever dividend, signaling a strategic shift and investor confidence amid AI and metaverse investments.

Amazon Foresees Cloud Expansion As Profits Surge

Amazon reports a 13% increase in AWS sales to $24.2 billion, with forecasts of continued growth into 2024 driven by generative AI. Cost cuts and high-margin ventures like advertising propel profits, as the firm plans increased AI investment.

Amazon Foresees Cloud Expansion As Profits Surge
Amazon’s Q4 earnings reveal a promising uptick in AWS sales and a strategic pivot towards generative AI, boosting shares.

What Are UTXOs?

Bitcoin and other similar blockchains use the concept of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) to track balances. Here's how they work and why it's important.

What Are UTXOs?
UTXOs are like on-chain bags of money, which are used as the inputs for new transactions.

Fed But Not Up

An end-of-week roundup of the markets and news from the crypto world, courtesy of SKALE project Ruby.Exchange.

Fed But Not Up
The Fed has slammed the brakes on the party wagon, but there’s only so much it can do.

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