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In today's roundup, the Chinese government has taken steps to shore up its bleeding stock markets. In the US, questions are once again being asked about the health of regional banks. Big tech has saved $10 billion by extending server lifespans, and is "decentralization" in DeFi just wishful thinking?

Regional Bank Stocks Stumble

After New York Community Bancorp slashed its dividend, having suffered significant losses on its commercial real estate portfolio, more question are being asked about the health of the mid-sized bank sector.

Regional Bank Stocks Stumble
NYCB’s exposure to commercial real estate has seen its losses pile up. The question is, will there be others?

Chinese Stocks Recover After Hammering—For Now

China's major share indexes have bounced after one of their worst ever weeks. Chinese authorities have announced a series of measures to prop up sliding share prices, but they do not address the underlying problems.

Chinese Stocks Recover After Hammering—For Now
China’s government has announced measures to stem the flow of blood from the stock markets, including a ban on short selling.

Big Tech's $10 Billion Profit Surge From Server Life Extension

Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta increased profits by nearly $10 billion over two years by extending server lifespans. This accounting change aids future AI investment amidst anticipated semiconductor shortages and rising technical costs.

Big Tech’s $10 Billion Profit Surge From Server Life Extension
Tech giants gain $10 billion in profits by revising server use estimates, optimizing for AI development costs.

Elon Musk's Neuralink claims to implant electrodes in the human brain, igniting the neural tech field. Competitors like Synchron have made similar advances, raising $130 million. The race for brain-computer interfaces (BCI) technology is on, with each firm exploring different methods to enhance human capabilities.

Neuralink’s Spotlight On Brain Implants: Beyond The Hype
Musk’s Neuralink claims progress in brain implants, sparking a surge in neural tech interest and investment.

The Decentralization Paradox In Crypto Finance

The crypto industry's decentralization efforts encounter practical and regulatory hurdles, despite the ambitious goals of entities like the Aragon Association. Giants like JPMorgan and Samsung embrace blockchain, highlighting a complex landscape of innovation amid DeFi's growing pains.

The Decentralization Paradox In Crypto Finance
Decentralization in crypto faces reality checks, with industry leaders and DeFi platforms navigating challenges.

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