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In today's roundup, it looks like interest rates will indeed be staying "higher for longer", as CPI comes in hot. Shadders offers insights into how Craig Wright could have faked that signature to Gavin Andresen back in 2016. Crypto advertising is gaining momentum as institutions compete for market share. And we look at when an OTC trade might be the right option for you.

Finance 101: What Is OTC Trading?

Over-The-Counter trading involves buying and selling assets directly between market participants, without using an exchange. There are several benefits to this approach, especially for larger/institutional traders.

Finance 101: What Is OTC Trading?
Over-The-Counter buying and selling avoids exchanges in favor of trading directly between two participants.

It's Easy To "Prove" You're Satoshi

As Craig Wright's claims are systematically dismantled in the UK courts, Steve Shadders explains how just three lines of code could have enabled him to fake a signature that fooled one of Bitcoin's top developers back in 2016.

It’s Easy To “Prove” You’re Satoshi
Shadders demonstrates how a modified version of the Electrum client can be used to provide a false positive.

US CPI Comes In Hot

CPI is still above 3%, meaning "higher for longer" is still very much going to be the order of the day.

US CPI Comes In Hot
With inflation coming in above expectations, any remaining hope of a March rate cut will be dashed.

Crypto Advertising Ramps Up

While we're nowhere close to the marketing frenzy that characterized the peak of the last cycle, there are signs things are heating up as crypto companies compete for customers' dollars.

Crypto Advertising Ramps Up
While we’re nowhere near the marketing frenzy of late last cycle, crypto advertising is definitely picking up steam.

Introduction To Blockchain Programming Languages: Vyper

Solidity remains the most popular language for dApps, but Vyper has some advantages, such as safety and relative simplicity.

Introduction To Blockchain Programming Languages: Vyper
Vyper is a popular alternative to Solidity, with various benefits but also some significant drawbacks.

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