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In today's roundup, Coinbase has surpassed earnings expectations. Attacking Bitcoin is not only expensive, but futile. Genesis is the next institution to dump GBTC. And Ruby Exchange presents its weekly roundup of news from the crypto sector.

Introduction To Blockchain Programming Languages: Haskell

Haskell is the language in which Cardano was written, as well as being the basis of Plutus, its smart contracts language.

Introduction To Blockchain Programming Languages: Haskell
Haskell and Plutus are functional, secure languages, but their Web3 use is limited to the Cardano ecosystem.

Coinbase Earnings Outperform Expectations

Q4 revenues do not include any activity from the new ETFs, meaning that Q1 2024 could be very good indeed for Coinbase.

Coinbase Earnings Outperform Expectations
Transaction revenues doubled from the previous quarter, pushing COIN stock to a new local high.

Attacking Bitcoin Is Costly And Pointless

A new report seeks to quantify the cost of attacking Bitcoin and Ethereum, finding that there are no easy ways to profit even if the attempt was successful.

Attacking Bitcoin Is Costly, And Pointless
A 51% attack on the network would have no practical purpose - even trying to destroy Bitcoin.

Are Genesis GBTC Sells Starting?

After FTX finally sold out its GBTC, there is more dumping to come from bankrupt crypto lender Genesis. Fortunately, the impact may be muted by huge ETF inflows.

Are Genesis GBTC Sells Starting?
First FTX, now Genesis. The delinquents of the last cycle still cast their shadow over the markets.

The Writing Is On The Wall

This weeks major crypto news and market developments, brought to you by SKALE project Ruby.Exchange.

The Writing Is On The Wall
Bitcoin is making local highs, even as Craig Wright puts in personal lows.

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