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In today's roundup, we look at the problems looming over HSBC. Liz Warren is facing a serious threat in the form of her challenger for the Senate, crypto lawyer John Deaton. Apple is under fire from other tech giants. According to a simple equation, bitcoin is trading at a 25% discount. And what are the odds that the US will declare the equivalent of Order 6102 on crypto?

Cybersecurity 101: Phishing

Originating in the mid-1990s, phishing tricks individuals into revealing data like login details via emails, social media, and calls. It has evolved from simple password theft to complex schemes, highlighting the need for vigilance in digital security.

Cybersecurity 101: Phishing
Phishing scams exploit digital communication to steal sensitive information through deception.

What Is A Bitcoin 6102 Attack, And Is It Likely?

Back in 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated Americans' gold coins and bullion as part of an attempt to address the problems of the Great Depression. Could the same kind of Executive Order one day be made for bitcoin?

What Is A Bitcoin 6102 Attack, And Is It Likely?
Ninety years ago, Roosevelt confiscated Americans’ gold. Could the same happen for bitcoin one day?

Is Anti-Crypto Liz Warren In Trouble?

Warren has made her hatred of the crypto industry part of her reelection campaign. Now she has a challenger, crypto lawyer John Deaton, who wants her seat in the Senate—and might have a decent chance of taking it.

Is Anti-Crypto Liz Warren In Trouble?
Pro-crypto John Deaton is running against Warren, and he has a powerful message.

HSBC Profits Plunge 80% Amid Charges In China

HSBC's Q4 profits plummeted 80% after a $3 billion charge on its Chinese bank stake and real estate writedowns, missing the $34 billion forecast. Shares fell 8%, despite a 78% annual profit increase, influenced by higher interest rates and global economic challenges.

HSBC Profits Plunge 80% Amid Charges In China
HSBC faces a significant profit decline due to charges on a Chinese bank stake and global real estate impacts.

Apple Faces EU Pressure Amid Rival Critiques

Apple's proposed iOS changes in Europe, aimed at complying with the EU's Digital Markets Act, face criticism from Meta and Microsoft. They argue the adjustments don't sufficiently open up competition, amidst EU plans to fine Apple €500 million for favoring its own music streaming service.

Apple Faces EU Pressure Amid Rival Critiques
Meta and Microsoft challenge Apple’s App Store changes in EU, seeking stricter regulatory action.

Bitcoin "Should" Be Trading At $80,000

A very simple equation modeled the price of bitcoin in terms of a single variable, time, with a high degree of reliability for 10 years. Either this model has now broken, or bitcoin is due a big leg up.

Bitcoin “Should” Be Trading At $80,000
A simple equation predicts bitcoin’s price from a single variable. Either the model has now broken, or much higher prices can be expected.

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