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In today's roundup, we have the latest list of crypto conferences and events for March. Apple is making a firm strategic shift towards AI, and Goldman Sachs is warning against complacency. Fidelity has started adding bitcoin to its All-in-One portfolios. And we talk to a genuine member of the Baby Boom generation about why he's investing in Bit Coin.

Apple Halts Electric Car Endeavor To Prioritize AI

Apple discontinues its electric vehicle project, "Project Titan," to reallocate research efforts towards generative AI. Amid an EV industry slowdown, the tech giant gears up to enhance AI features in its devices, following a decade of secretive automotive development.

Apple Halts Electric Car Endeavor To Prioritize AI
“Project Titan” wraps up as Apple pivots to AI, charting a new course in tech innovation.

Goldman CEO Cautions On US Economic Optimism

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon advises against overconfidence in a US "soft landing," citing high uncertainty from inflation and geopolitical risks. Despite the Fed's rate hikes, he notes a divide in economic strength and consumer confidence, suggesting a cautious outlook.

Goldman CEO Cautions On US Economic Optimism
David Solomon highlights risks in the economy, pointing to inflation and geopolitical tensions as ongoing challenges.

Sony's PlayStation Division Announces 900 Job Cuts

Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to lay off 900 staff, 8% of its workforce, and close its London Studio. The move is part of a wider trend of job cuts in the video game industry, with competitors like Microsoft also announcing layoffs. This reflects adjustments to post-pandemic shifts and a rapidly-changing market.

Sony’s PlayStation Division Announces 900 Job Cuts
Sony’s restructuring includes a significant workforce reduction and strategic operational changes to adapt to the evolving gaming landscape.

Crypto & Blockchain Events: March 2024

What's new and where is there something to learn in the crypto and blockchain world? Here's our latest edition of "Crypto & Blockchain Events", checking out what's coming up in March.

Crypto & Blockchain Events: March 2024
Stay in the loop with the major crypto & blockchain events of March 2024! It’s another packed month full of exciting discussions, groundbreaking innovations, and networking opportunities.

Fidelity Recommends 1-3% Bitcoin Allocation

Bundling their FBTC ETF in other products normalizes crypto ownership, and funnels more funds into bitcoin.

Fidelity Recommends 1-3% Bitcoin Allocation
Anyone buying one of Fidelity’s all-in-one ETFs will now gain exposure to bitcoin.

Why I'm Buying Bit Coin, By Joe Buehmer

Joe has many decades of investment success behind him, and despite being retired now, he's still prepared to do the research and become an early Bit Coin adopter, thanks to IBIT.

Why I’m Buying Bit Coin, By Joe Buehmer
I’ve been investing for decades, and now I’m an early adopter to Bit Coin with the IBIT ETF.

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