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In today's roundup, EA returns to a tried-and-tested formula for its next Battlefield release. Competition is heating up in the European EV market. Barclays has offloaded over a billion dollars in debt, and Gemini might just be about to pull a rabbit out of the hat by recovering over a billion dollars from bankrupt crypto lender Genesis.

EA Announces Free-To-Play Battle Royale For Next Battlefield

EA's Battlefield franchise, under new leadership, plans a return to its roots and a modern warfare setting for its next game, scheduled for 2025. Additionally, a free-to-play Battle Royale game is in development, promising a fresh experience within the Battlefield universe.

EA Announces Free-To-Play Battle Royale For Next Battlefield
EA gears up for a Battlefield revival with a free-to-play Battle Royale, aiming for a 2025 launch.

European Carmakers Strategize To Counter BYD's Expansion

BYD's shipment of over 5,000 EVs to Germany marks its challenge to the European car market. European manufacturers, like Renault and Stellantis, respond with new, affordable EVs and strategic collaborations to compete against BYD's aggressive pricing and market expansion.

European Carmakers Strategize To Counter BYD’s Expansion
BYD’s entry into Europe challenges local carmakers, sparking a competitive push in the EV market.

European Parliament Revokes Amazon Lobbyists' Access

Amazon's lobbyists will lose access to the European Parliament, marking a significant move over concerns about labor conditions and transparency. This decision follows MEPs' demands, highlighting Amazon's refusal to discuss workers' rights, echoing a similar ban once imposed on Monsanto in 2017.

European Parliament Revokes Amazon Lobbyists’ Access
Amazon faces a lobbying ban in the European Parliament amid concerns over transparency and labor practices.

War & Finance Part 1: The Dawn Of Conflict Economy

From taxation in the Roman Empire to the innovative financing of the Crusades, discover the evolution of war finance and its profound impact on global economic development and fiscal policy.

War & Finance Part 1: The Dawn Of Conflict Economy
Wars from ancient through to medieval times shaped economies through taxation, plunder, and the first war bonds during the Crusades.

Gemini To Reimburse Earn Customers In Full

Customers who lost more than a billion dollars when Genesis declared bankruptcy might be in for a bumper payment, with Gemini striking a deal that will see funds returned, in full, in crypto.

Gemini To Reimburse Earn Customers In Full
Gemini may have achieved the impossible, squaring the circle of making Earn customers whole, in crypto.

Barclays Transfers $1.1 Billion Credit Card Debt To Blackstone

Barclays offloads $1.1 billion in credit card debt to Blackstone to navigate upcoming regulations, marking a strategic shift. This sale is part of a broader plan to enhance lending capacity without increasing capital burdens, aligning with Barclays' growth ambitions and regulatory strategies.

Barclays Transfers $1.1 Billion Credit Card Debt To Blackstone
Barclays aims to lighten its balance sheet and navigate tighter regulations by offloading credit card debt to Blackstone.

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