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In today's roundup, we take our regular Monday look at the markets. China's money printing is accelerating, beating even the US. The treasuries market is set for a regulatory overhaul. And the UK's next Budget will necessarily be a constrained affair.

March 4 REX Wire Market Outlook

Things are heating up in TradFi and crypto, but bitcoin is outperforming everything else, hands down.

March 4 REX Wire Market Outlook
As the TradFi markets hit new highs, bitcoin tilts its head and says, “Hold my beer”.

Transformative Reforms Set To Reshape The US Treasury Market

The SEC has finalized rules to overhaul the $26.5 trillion US Treasury market, introducing central clearing and expanding regulatory oversight. These reforms, addressing past market crises, aim to enhance transparency, protect investors, and ensure the market's global dominance.

Transformative Reforms Set To Reshape The US Treasury Market
SEC reforms to revolutionize the US Treasury market, aiming for enhanced stability and oversight.

China Prints, And Prints

China's money supply is increasing at an incredible rate, along with its central bank's balance sheet. While deflation is currently the main problem, this can only last so long.

China Prints, And Prints
China’s money supply is increasing faster than ever. Where will all those yuan find their home?

Jeremy Hunt's Budget Constrained By Economic Forecasts

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's budget plans are limited by the OBR's economic forecasts, which leaves only £13 billion for fiscal maneuvers. Amid pressures, Tories critique the OBR's influence over fiscal policy, challenging Hunt's ability to implement significant tax cuts.

Jeremy Hunt’s Budget Constrained By Economic Forecasts
Chancellor Hunt faces tight budget constraints due to bleak economic forecasts by the UK’s fiscal watchdog.

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