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In today's roundup, bitcoin touches a new all-time high, and Tether's supply also passes a new record. Microsoft hopes to dismiss the New York Times' copyright lawsuit against their AI product, and OpenAI suggests that Elon may not have been entirely straight with the court. Lastly, faced with pushback from regulators and developers, Apple has decided to maintain support for progressive web apps.

Record ETF Volumes Accompany ATH (And Rejection)

The ten bitcoin spot ETFs did $10 billion in trading volumes, and experienced strong inflows, despite the fact that bitcoin retraced $10,000 after touching its old all-time high.

Record ETF Volumes Accompany ATH (And Rejection)
The ETFs were unaffected by bitcoin’s 14% dip, with TradFi continuing to buy hand over fist.

Tether Crosses $100 Billion

The stablecoin company has gone from strength to strength, earning around $5 billion per year thanks to its huge cash holdings and high interest rates.

Tether Crosses $100 Billion
Despite the controversies that have surrounded Tether, USDT is three times larger than its nearest competitor.

Apple Maintains Support For Progressive Web Apps In EU

Facing EU scrutiny and developer backlash, Apple reversed its decision to restrict progressive web apps in iOS updates. This move aligns with the forthcoming iOS 17.4 release, ensuring continued access to web apps amid regulatory and community concerns.

Apple Maintains Support For Progressive Web Apps In EU
In a shift, Apple upholds EU access to web apps, addressing concerns over digital market competition.

Microsoft aims to dismiss a lawsuit by The New York Times, which accuses ChatGPT of copyright infringement, likening the situation to historical tech advancements. The company argues that AI, like the VCR before, represents a new era of technology rather than a threat to copyright.

Microsoft Challenges NYT’s AI Copyright Lawsuit
Microsoft defends ChatGPT’s innovation in court, rejecting NYT’s copyright infringement claims.

OpenAI counters Elon Musk's lawsuit by releasing emails where Musk endorses a for-profit transition, challenging his claims against the AI firm's alliance with Microsoft. The dispute highlights Musk's initial push for OpenAI's significant funding and strategic direction.

OpenAI Discloses Musk Emails Amid Legal Dispute
OpenAI reveals emails showing Elon Musk’s early support for its shift to a for-profit model amid lawsuit.

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