Royal Match Overtakes Candy Crush In Mobile Gaming Revenue

Dream Games' 'Royal Match' dethrones 'Candy Crush' as the world's most lucrative mobile game, showcasing the rise of new market leaders.

What is the top-grossing mobile game currently?

Launched in 2021 by Dream Games, a Turkish startup valued at $2.75 billion, 'Royal Match' quickly ascended to the top of the mobile gaming world. According to, by July, it became the highest revenue-generating mobile game globally, surpassing 'Candy Crush Saga.' This success comes during a year when many mobile games experienced lackluster performance. Dream Games CEO Soner Aydemir attributes this growth to the game's quality and mass-market appeal, principles that he believes are central to the company's business strategy.

Market Dynamics And Consumer Spending

Despite a generally challenging year for mobile games, 'Royal Match' more than doubled its consumer spending, pushing its annual gross revenue run rate to $2 billion before app store fees. 'Candy Crush Saga,' now under Microsoft following the $75bn Activision Blizzard acquisition, had maintained a top 10 position in revenue since 2012. However, 'Royal Match' has successfully captured a significant market share, demonstrating its appeal with over 55 million monthly active users and higher average player spending than 'Candy Crush's' 160 million users.

Upcoming Ventures And Industry Positioning

Dream Games plans to build on 'Royal Match's' success with a sequel, 'Royal Kingdom,' which is currently being tested in select markets. The new game aims to expand the universe of its characters, focusing on creating a lasting intellectual property. Dream Games' approach, according to investor Danny Rimer of Index Ventures, is to transcend being a one-hit wonder by setting higher standards and expectations. This strategy is underscored by the company’s emphasis on quality, as evidenced by the involvement of Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull as a strategic advisor and a creative culture that involves analyzing films and games to understand their success or failure.

Competitive Edge And Future Prospects

Dream Games stands out in the competitive mobile gaming market through its attention to detail and commitment to quality, as highlighted by early investor Rob Moffat of Balderton Capital. The company, founded by former executives of Peak Games, seeks to differentiate itself by not only focusing on game development but also on building a brand and a narrative universe that resonates with a broad audience. This focus, along with strategic advertising and adapting to new market challenges, such as Apple's privacy changes, positions Dream Games as a formidable player in the global mobile gaming industry.

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