SKALE Hits 1 Million Unique Active Wallets!

SKALE just attracted its one-millionth unique wallet - an incredible milestone, but only just the beginning!

SKALE Hits 1 Million Unique Active Wallets!

The SKALE network has just hit an impressive milestone. One million unique active wallets have interacted with the SKALE ecosystem since its inception!

Data from shows that over a third of those users have been active in the last 30 days, and the network as a whole has processed over 22 million transactions across 20 SKALE chains.

Since the network went live, SKALE has processed a total of 141 million transactions, with transaction volumes tripling over the last two months as popular dApps come to the platform.

How Does SKALE Compare?

SKALE's throughput is impressive in the context of Ethereum mainnet's transaction volumes, and those of other L2 platforms.

Built To Scale

As well as charging zero gas fees, SKALE was built for high capacity. The network as a whole is capable of supporting an unlimited number of transactions, conducted within and between an unlimited number of linked SKALE chains.

Each SKALE chain is independently capable of processing a huge volume of transactions, enabling any individual dApp to support potentially millions of txs per day—providing a platform capable of recreating popular Web2 applications within a Web3 framework, and onboarding the next billion users.

One million unique wallets is only the start, then, but SKALE founder Jack O'Holleran suggests that the lucky one millionth wallet owner might be in line for a prize. If you think that might have been you, then get in touch!

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