Spotlight: CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a Play-to-Earn NFT RPG that's taking the blockchain world by storm!

Spotlight: CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT RPG that allows users to earn SKILL tokens, the game's native currency, by defeating enemies, winning PvP battles, and staking their earnings.

Already running on eight different networks, including Binance Smart Chain, CryptoBlades has also been deployed on the SKALE Network. Thanks to SKALE's zero-gas architecture and user-friendly UX, this makes the game even more accessible to its large and active global community!

CryptoBlades warrior image

To start playing CryptoBlades, players must create an account and purchase a few SKILL tokens, which are required to mint your first character and forge new weapons. SKILL tokens can be used to purchase new characters, weapons, and upgrades, and any spare SKILL can be staked in order to earn additional tokens. Players can trade their unwanted characters and weapons on the CryptoBlades marketplace, again for SKILL.

Key features of CryptoBlades

  • Play-to-Earn: Earn SKILL tokens by playing the game.
  • NFTs: Characters and weapons are NFTs that can be bought, sold, and traded.
  • Staking: Stake SKILL tokens to earn additional rewards.
  • PvP battles: Players can battle each other in PvP battles for rewards.
  • Marketplace: Trade characters and weapons on the CryptoBlades marketplace.
  • Deployed on SKALE: CryptoBlades is now available on the SKALE Network, which offers several key advantages, including zero gas fees and fast transactions.

CryptoBlades is an exciting and very promising play-to-earn NFT game with a strong community and a dedicated development team. If you're looking for a new P2E game to try, this is definitely one worth checking out!

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