Spotlight: Human Protocol

Human Protocol crowd sources workers to complete tasks, with prompt, secure on-chain payments.

Spotlight: Human Protocol

Human Protocol is a blockchain-powered platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to complete tasks and get paid securely—crowd sourcing input to power a wide range of important applications.

The coronavirus pandemic saw the acceleration of at least two major trends: The adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and the rise of freelance and remote work.

As physical workplaces closed down and employees were furloughed or laid off, more and more people sought additional work in the gig economy, either to supplement their existing salary or as their sole income. At the same time, interest in decentralized technologies and assets soared.

Founded in 2018, Human Protocol was well-placed to benefit from these trends. The platform was launched to facilitate access to work, enabling users from all over the world to connect with employers, carry out a wide variety of tasks, and get paid promptly upon completion.

The decentralized Protocol automates these processes on-chain, making organizing, evaluating, and paying for jobs more transparent and efficient.

Any users from a verified country can register to use the Human app, refer friends, and earn money by completing tasks set by Job Requesters. Since Human Protocol is built on the blockchain, there are fewer middlemen and Workers get to take home more of their pay. Job Requesters gain access to a global pool of workers, including work pools with different specialisms, meaning they are more likely to find someone who can complete the required task competently.

Some of the most popular tasks to be carried out by Human Protocol's Workers are data labeling, providing information on the outcomes of specific events for blockchain oracles, and gathering data for teaching machine learning computer vision models. An incredible 250 million jobs were completed on the protocol in Q4 2022.

HMT Token

The native token of the Human Protocol is HMT, which is used in different ways across all aspects of the ecosystem. As a multi-chain platform, Human Protocol supports HMT on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Moonbeam, Avalanche, and the SKALE Network. HMT is used for:

  • Paying Workers. Using HMT as the payment currency ensures there is always demand for the token from Requesters who need jobs completed.
  • Staking. Operators can stake HMT to run different protocol services, which allow the platform to run smoothly while maintaining decentralization.
  • Governance. HMT holders can vote on protocol updates.
  • Additional functionality. Some platform features can optionally be paid for using HMT, such as escrow payments, publishing prices, and closing transactions. Other tokens are also accepted to reduce friction for users.

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