US Hedge Funds Outshine Local Rivals In China During 2023

In 2023, US hedge funds like Bridgewater and Two Sigma surpassed Chinese rivals in performance, thriving in a tough market.

How did US hedge funds perform compared to Chinese rivals in 2023?

US hedge funds Bridgewater and Two Sigma demonstrated remarkable success in China's challenging financial landscape during 2023, significantly outperforming their local counterparts amid economic downturns and geopolitical tensions.

Surge In Assets Managed By Bridgewater And Two Sigma

Bridgewater China Investment Management and Two Sigma China experienced substantial growth in their assets under management. Bridgewater's local arm quadrupled its assets to over RMB 40 billion ($5.6 billion), while Two Sigma China nearly doubled its assets within the same two-year period. This growth reflects the increasing appeal of global hedge funds to Chinese investors, especially in a market underperforming globally.

Exceptional Performance Amid Market Turbulence

The success of these US hedge funds in 2023 is notable given the backdrop of a struggling Chinese market. Bridgewater's All Weather Strategy China Private Investment Fund yielded a 10.2% return, while Two Sigma's funds reported over 16% returns. In contrast, China's benchmark CSI 300 index fell by 11.7%, and local multi-strategy hedge funds averaged only a 2.8% return.

Strategic Diversification And Local Market Challenges

Bridgewater's strategic diversification into commodities and bonds played a significant role in its performance, with investments in gold ETFs proving particularly profitable. Conversely, local Chinese asset managers, including prominent figures like Li Bei, faced steep losses, with Banxia Macro Fund dropping 20.4% over the past 12 months. This contrast highlights the superior risk management and market navigation skills of global hedge funds in bear markets.

The Future Landscape For Global Asset Managers In China

Despite the success of certain US hedge funds, traditional asset managers like Vanguard and BlackRock have found the Chinese market challenging. The varied performance of US funds in China underscores the complexity of this market, influenced by government policies and unique economic conditions. However, the achievements of Bridgewater and Two Sigma suggest potential for other global asset managers to capitalize on opportunities within the world's second-largest economy.

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