About REX Wire

About REX Wire

REX Wire is a news and education service focused on cutting-edge technologies, finance and the economy, and the intersection between these areas.

The site was launched by a team of finance and crypto experts in May 2023 to provide fresh perspectives on key topics of interest, as well as reporting emerging stories and narratives in the crypto, DeFi, and Web3 space, as well as for TradFi, AI, and other critical technologies.

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Our Authors

Andres Luke

Andres Luke, with a strong background in communication and media management, has been a dedicated writer for over 12 years. His expertise centers around Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Finance. In 2016, Andres expanded his repertoire to include cryptocurrency topics, reflecting the changing dynamics of the financial world. A history enthusiast, Andres often integrates his love for historical context with technical analysis, providing a unique flavor to his articles. Outside the professional realm, he is a devoted family man who enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones. An avid sports enthusiast, Andres also finds solace in gardening, believing it to be therapeutic and a chance to connect with nature.

Bender Smort

Bender Smort, a graduate in technical writing, boasts an impressive 14-year writing career. His articles primarily focus on finance, blockchain technology, and market analysis. Bender has a particular fondness for word games, which is evident in his playful and intricate writing style. His passion for critical articles and investigative journalism sets him apart, always striving to dive deeper into the subjects he covers. Outside the world of words, Bender is a family-oriented individual, often seen spending quality moments with his family and cherished dog. An adventurer at heart, he loves hiking through nature's trails and exploring new destinations, fulfilling his wanderlust.


Inquiries can be made via the following e-mail address: info@rexwire.net.

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